LOGO 3CargoTalents is a reputable recruitment company specializing in the trucking industry since 2015. We connect highly skilled professionals with top employers in logistics and transportation. With deep industry knowledge and a vast network, we source and screen candidates to match the right talent with the right companies. Our personalized approach, advanced technology, and commitment to continuous improvement ensure successful placements. Trust CargoTalents to find exceptional trucking professionals for your business growth.


Claudia Guerra

CEO & Founder

Our story

Claudia Guerra, the driving force behind CargoTalents. With a passion for human resources and a deep understanding of the trucking industry, Claudia has emerged as a respected figure in the field of recruitment. Her journey began in Argentina in 2007 when she started studying human resources, laying the foundation for her future endeavors.

In 2014, Claudia moved to New Jersey and founded CargoTalents with a clear vision in mind: to provide quality recruiting services for the trucking industry in the area. Recognizing the need for exceptional talent and strong connections between drivers and trucking companies, Claudia's expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence have positioned CargoTalents as a trusted partner for both drivers and employers. Under her leadership, CargoTalents continues to thrive, matching skilled drivers with top-tier American trucking companies and driving success in the industry.

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"The team really took the lead to help us recruit drivers during the pandemic. We couldn't have done it without them."

Vk Express Inc

A Thoughtful Approach to Recruitment

At CargoTalents, we provide unparalleled added value. With our industry expertise and extensive network, we connect talented drivers with top American trucking companies, ensuring precise matches for long-term success. Our personalized approach, end-to-end support, and industry insights make us the go-to choice for both drivers and employers. Experience the difference with CargoTalents and unlock your potential in the thriving trucking industry.


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We are an award-winning recruitment agency with a well-earned reputation for excellence and client satisfaction.